Ballarat Connected Communities is a Community Company established for the benefit of every Ballarat resident. This company will operate at two different levels, firstly by supporting the broader Ballarat community with smaller grants to local Not for Profit organisations, and secondly by supporting other organisations who are addressing the  major challenges and opportunities  across our city, by partnering and contributing towards their efforts.

How it works is quite simple. Individuals and businesses can nominate Ballarat Connected Communities, as their community  beneficiary, when they bank with any of the three participating Bendigo Bank branches in Ballarat.

Institutions, Businesses and Individuals throughout Ballarat can join Ballarat Connected Communities as financial  supporters, and contribute to the community strengthening work of our company.

Ballarat Connected Communities operates with total transparency, and lists all grants awarded as a result of the support of our financial backers. To view our grants information click here.

Our Company is a vehicle through which all of Ballarat can work together, Individuals, Businesses, Institutions and Government.

Ballarat Connected Communities will produce regular video updates, so look for our first publication in the coming weeks.

Grants coming 2017

Our company anticipates having grant funds available in February 2017

Ballarat Connected Communities will assist organisations in all of the following areas.
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